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Ahead of the Game: Sport, Storytelling and Symbolism [Melbourne]

Ahead of the Game: Sport, Storytelling and Symbolism [Melbourne]

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Tuesday July 13, 2021 - 6:30 PM


The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000



Amber Richardson & Linda D'Ornay

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About the Show

**NOTE – this was postponed from June to this new date of 13th JULY


Australians love our sport: playing it, watching it, discussing it, and analysing it in passionate, exhaustive detail.


To better understand the sports we love, we turn to journalists, commentators and experts who explain not only who won, but how – and why it matters. At their most powerful, sports narratives go beyond the game, to help us make sense of major social, political and personal stories.


But whose stories are we hearing, and whose remain untold? Who holds the mic, and who is kept on the sidelines? What would it mean to approach sporting stories through a truly intersectional and inclusive feminist lens? How can we go beyond merely symbolic representation, to embrace the power of visibility?


We’ll unpack these questions and more with Outer Sanctum co-host and AFL inclusion consultant Rana Hussain; filmmaker and recipient of the 2020 Walkley Award for Women’s Leadership in Media Joanna Lester; journalist and Cricket Australia First Nations & Social Inclusion Specialist Courtney Hagen; and our host, documentary-maker and author Angela Pippos. Siren Sport co-founder and Kick Like A Girl host Kate O’Halloran will create a comprehensive match report of the conversation.


Join us to discover how we can level the playing field for athletes, sports journalists, and fans of all genders.