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An Almost Perfect Thing [Perth]

An Almost Perfect Thing [Perth]

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Thursday August 17, 2017 - 7:00 PM


The Blue Room Theatre
53 James Street
Northbridge, Perth



Linda Beales & Brooke Guise

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About the Show

Chloe was held captive in a basement for seven years. Now free, she has become an international celebrity who is both respected and scrutinised by the public. They want her to reveal who her kidnapper was and why she seems to be protecting him.

But Chloe won’t provide names or locations. Instead of leading police to her captor, she turns to a journalist who’s searching for a high-profile story to help revive his career, and dictates to him how her story should be told.

Canadian playwright Nicole Moeller’s award-winning drama is a dark, thought-provoking psychological thriller about possession and desire and our “right” to the truth.

Featuring Daisy Coyle (The Lighthouse Girl), Nick Maclaine (Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories) and Andrew Hale (The Boat Goes Over the Mountain), this Australian premiere has plenty of bite.

“This is a play with teeth!” Vue Weekly (Canada)

Writer: Nicole Moeller | Director: Gabrielle Metcalf | Assistant Director: Riley Spadaro | Producer & Production Manager: Emily Stokoe | Set & Costume Designer: Tyler Hill | Sound Designer: Christian Peterson | Assistant Sound Designer: Andrew Michie | Lighting Designer: Rhiannon Petersen | Stage Manager: Jessie Atkins | Featuring: Daisy Coyle, Andrew Hale, Nick Maclaine | Publicity & Marketing: Tracy Routledge

Recommended for ages 14+
Image: Louise Gan



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