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Ben Quilty with Richard Flanagan On Home (TSOL) [Melbourne]

Ben Quilty with Richard Flanagan On Home (TSOL) [Melbourne]

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Wednesday November 28, 2018 - 7:00 PM


Goldfields Theatre, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Center Place, South Wharf
South Wharf, VIC 3006



Kim Saxton & Karen Clare

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Many of us are fortunate to think of home as a place of warmth, love and safety. But for too many, the memory of home is imbued with sadness, disconnection and despair. In this exclusive end-of-year conversation, Ben Quilty and Richard Flanagan will reflect on their time in Syrian refugee camps and what the drawings of a generation of refugee children can teach us about the unseen impact of violent conflict – and the incredible resilience needed to overcome such horrors.

In a Serbian refugee transit station, they met the six year old Heba. Her stark and moving drawings of home inspired Ben Quilty to collect and present these children’s pictures to the world.

‘Big people have big voices,’ says Ben, ‘and most of them ignore the small voices of the smallest among us. And Heba was one of the most vulnerable little humans I have met, but her voice is big, her story is as graphic as it is tragic, if only we give her a second, to listen and consider the message that she gave me to show you.’

Join Ben Quilty and Richard Flanagan as we take time to reflect on the experiences of children who have survived the Syrian war, how that shapes our own understanding of home and what role art can play in igniting compassion, motivation and – most importantly – action.