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Contest – Opening Night – invite only [Melbourne]

Contest - Opening Night - invite only  [Melbourne]

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Thursday July 26, 2018 - 8:00 PM


Northcote Town Hall
Northcote Town Hall
Northcote, Victoria



Kirri Dangerfield & Susan Emerson

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About the Show

Opening night – invitation only 

Come to play, come to win or don’t come at all                                                                          ResizedImageWzYwLDYwXQ-wheelchair-light ResizedImageWzYwLDYwXQ-Auslan-light companion-card

I don’t know when I first saw it / In a memory, a premonition, or a dream.

It was a house and it was on fire / I was the house and I was on fire.

A suburban netball team. A new player. Cass says she wants to fit in but if she won’t play by their rules why does she bother coming at all? She claims to see something they cannot, a warning of sorts. All the other women want to do is play. But this player will push each of them to a point of furious revelation. Nothing will be left on the court once these women are done with their reckoning.

A sweaty play about the petty and the profound, the mundane and the mythic, Contest asks how we might be with each other if we don’t have to win.

Contest is presented in association with New Working Group and Bureau of Works