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CULTURAL GARDENERS (Arts Front) [Online]

CULTURAL GARDENERS (Arts Front) [Online]

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Tuesday October 26, 2021 - 12:00 PM



Amber Richardson & Melissa Smith

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About the Show

We are arts and cultural workers deeply concerned with taking action on the converging planetary climate and ecological crises. As you will be aware, humanity faces the combined catastrophes of: climate breakdown, mass extinction of vital biodiversity and the rapid degradation of critical ecosystems. Australia is at the forefront of these crises.

Beyond recycling and renewable energy, we believe there is a wealth of opportunity for artists and the cultural sector to take a leading role in the social transition that we must make to stop further devastation and adapt to a warming climate. The need for accelerated action is growing fast.


A meeting to share information, solidarity and opportunities to act.

This invitation is being shared widely. It’s timed ahead of the COP26 meeting in Scotland. 31st October – 12th November.

We hope to attract independent artists, representatives of organisations and cultural leaders with the power to influence and implement change plus anyone interested who believes the arts and cultural sectors have a big role to play in mobilising audiences and communities.

Whether you are already active or want help in taking action. Everyone is welcome.

WHEN: Tuesday 26th October 1.00-2.30pm (AEDT), 12.30-2pm (ACDT), 12pm-1.30pm (AEST), 11.30-1pm (ACST), 10am-11.30am (AWST)

WHERE: Online – zoom link will be shared nearer the time.