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Floating Key (MFF) [Melbourne]

Floating Key (MFF) [Melbourne]

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Wednesday September 26, 2018 - 6:30 PM


Lithuanian Club, Melbourne
44 Errol St
North Melbourne, VIC 3051


$20 - $25


Benji Hoopmann & Wendy Bailey

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Floating Key Presents: Reclaiming the Naming A Journey to Our Unsung Histories

In a world dominated by histories drenched in erasure and half-truths, we are compelled to unroot the actualities of our ancestry. On the road toward self-discovery and ancestral embrace, we pause to recount the events that led us to the now. As we rummage through the rubble, we uncover our power in essence. Journey in unison as we unearth our stories and reclaim our names, those given and chosen.

This multimedia poetic experience investigates the steps foraged to elevate our voices then and now. Through retelling our stories, we learn to celebrate the silenced narratives of our pioneers. Let us unite under the common goal of embracing ourselves and elevating our people.

Join us in the movement through stories told by an assortment of artists including Soreti, Yusuf Harare Jnr, Neil Morris and more.