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Get F*NKED (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

Get F*NKED (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

Ticketing Information



Saturday September 22, 2018 - 8:30 PM


Brunswick Mechanics Institute
270 Sydney Rd
Brunswick , VIC 3056



Glenda Judd

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Girl, this is not a party you wanna rock up late for! Get F*NKED is a one night only art-happening for women (trans, cis and non-binary). It is the brain child of first time party producers Alchemistudio. Creating a space for women away from the male gaze, tipping social boundaries and expectations on its head. This accessible happening invites you into an electrically charged space where you can basically do whatever you want – we’ll have music, food, installation art, live performance, quiet corners for anti-partiers, a bar, a disco ball if you’re lucky, a petting zoo… (actually, probably not a petting zoo).

Get F*NKED partners with Deafferent Theatre to curate and host this accessible happening. A team of female-identifying and non-binary artists will elevate the vibe with DJ beats, performance art, projection, and an array of unapologetic costumes and design.

Join us for a Fierce, Fevered, and Effing-unbelievable Party. Wear what you want, dance how you choose. Let’s Get F*NKD.

Warning: Contains some nudity, moderate coarse language