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Inside/ Out: Roundtable Conversation [Melbourne]

Inside/ Out: Roundtable Conversation [Melbourne]

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Saturday January 20, 2018 - 2:00 PM


Chapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel Street
Prahran, VIC 3181



Ben Souter & Linda D'Ornay

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About the Show

Inside/ Out: Roundtable Conversation

There no longer shame in living with HIV – is there?

Presented by Sebastian Zagarella

The Installation titled ‘Inside/ Out‘, produced by Sebastian Zagarella, has previously been shown in Brisbane, and was most recently invited to show alongside the Quilts at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

The collaborative work, produced in 2015, was realised as a personal response to the artists own sero- conversion in 2002; and as a result of what Zagarella says was the absence of dialogue on what it means to be HIV+ day to day.

The Forum will be an opportunity to speak with the artist about the installation, as well as interact with various artists, writers, community advocates, health practitioners and educators who are all engaged intimately with the virus.

It’s also an opportunity to listen to and share, stories and thoughts. Audience participation is both welcome and encouraged.

There’s no shame in being positive today… !…?