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Just Us Girls (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

Just Us Girls (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

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Saturday September 28, 2019 - 8:45 PM


Fringe Hub: Trades Hall – Music Room
Lygon St & Victoria St
Melbourne, Victoria 3053


from $24


Amber Richardson

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Just Us Girls – wHat’s a giRL? Is a story of all the girls in the world. The ones you’re lucky to know, the one’s you’re yet to meet (how exciting for you!) and the ones you’ll unfortunately never meet! How proud I am of the complex, colourful and unapologetic girls I know, laughing in the face of radical sexism, the patriarchy, and a society still neglecting equality/feminism. Celebrating our grief, our wit, our individualism, our incredible ideas, and our smart-ass-sexy-ass-big-ass-small-ass-white-ass-black-ass-turquoise-ass stories!

Anyone from any gender or cultural background has suffered as a result of the patriarchy and sexism in some form. Feminism is about everyone. No type of feminism is wrong or invalid. Of course our politics will be different. We are all different. And yet it is always a minority voice that has to speak out about equality or sexism. If you love and respect women as much as me, come along to support the idea of equality no matter what your gender or cultural background. Because whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re a part of equality. Complacency doesn’t exclude you. You either comply with the shitty rules as they are or you question them. Especially, I would say, the people who don’t want to be dicks?


Warning: Contains moderate coarse language, both sudden and sustained loud noises, potentially triggering content or themes, including Sexual Harassment,Violence Against Women,Misogyny,Sexual References,Mental Health


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