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Mama Stitch (Perth Festival) [Perth]

Mama Stitch (Perth Festival) [Perth]

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Friday February 19, 2021 - 6:00 PM


Midland Junction Arts Centre (Entrance Old School Lane)
276 Great Eastern Hwy
Perth, Western Australia 6056



Christy Filipich & Paula Norman

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show


Like threads of yarn woven through a needle, stitching us together, our mother’s advice, stories and memories shape us as we curve, bend and braid to find our place in the world. Using storytelling, and music Whiskey & Boots invite audiences to listen and reflect on their maternal line.

Stories about mums are collected by Whiskey & Boots from the people of Midland, distilled and brought to life as headphone verbatim performance (where the actor wears headphones and delivers the text as they hear it, live, without embellishment). Each story is underscored with an original and bespoke musical response inspired by the stories shared.

Come and have a hot cup of tea and a slice of toast with homemade jam while listening to the reflections of people from this community about their mums. At the end of the performance audiences are invited to contribute to the project by writing an anonymous ‘Dear Mum’ letter to be displayed in the space.

Mama Stitch is a project unique to the place it is created and each show features a different combination of stories. Part performance, part installation it celebrates the mothers of Midland in all their variations. Discover amazing stories and in them recognise what is common in the human experience of motherhood