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MENTAL Exhibition: Auslan Interpreted Tours [Melbourne]

MENTAL Exhibition: Auslan Interpreted Tours [Melbourne]

Ticketing Information



Saturday April 23, 2022 - 1:00 PM


Science Gallery Melbourne
114 Grattan St
Melbourne, Victoria 3053



Melissa Thompson

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Auslan users are invited to attend an Auslan interpreted, mediator-led tour of our MENTAL exhibition.

Experiences at Science Gallery are led by a team of young people, known as mediators, who run the floor of the gallery. One of our mediators will guide you through the exhibition alongside an Auslan interpreter. Along the way, you can engage with our informative signage to add to your experience in the gallery.


Part exhibition, part experiment, MENTAL is a welcoming place to confront societal bias and stereotypes around mental health.

MENTAL presents over 20 experimental projects from local and international artists and research collaborators that reflect a range of different perspectives on mental health and ways of being.

Will your perspective be shifted? Does innovation and technology help or hinder human connection? Head inside MENTAL to explore these questions and many more.


This tour will be for up to 15 visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing (and a family member or friend).