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Paper Planet [Melbourne]

Paper Planet [Melbourne]

Ticketing Information



Saturday June 26, 2021 - 2:00 PM


Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers St
Melbourne, Victoria 3067


$10 per family


Melissa Thompson

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Presented by Polyglot Theatre and Convent Kids

Paper Planet is a universally accessible experience that families will find inspiring and utterly captivating.

This season of Paper Planet is designed to specifically meet the needs of families who have a child or children with a disability and encourages the participation of all family members. The 2pm sessions from 28 – 30 June are now open to all families. When booking, please advise us of your access requirements, including any parking considerations (there is space to do so on the booking form).  

Children and families are invited to create a beautiful world inside a forest of tall cardboard trees, using only paper, tape and their imaginations. Everyone plays together in this magical place to create creatures, plants, costumes, characters, stories and adventures.

Paper Planet builds and grows as more families visit, and every session is truly unique as imaginations go wild and play takes over. Children choose how they interact with the performers and with other children; some find themselves absorbed in quiet making, and others prefer to play and explore.

Paper Planet is child-led, deeply involving and highly sensory, and sure to delight the whole family.


NOTE: Sessions times: 2pm – 4pm.
These are open, rolling sessions—participants can arrive at their booked session anytime, and stay as long as they wish, within the session times.