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Plastisphere presented by Coburg Carnivale [Melbourne]

Plastisphere presented by Coburg Carnivale  [Melbourne]

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Saturday September 21, 2019 - 7:00 PM


Coburg Library, Cnr Victoria and Louisa Sts
Louisa St
Melbourne, Victoria 3058




Teale Nicholls

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About the Show

Plastisphere presented by Coburg Carnivale Explore our plastic future in an immersive art installation



As emission targets are ignored, and we hurdle towards the point of no return, it is clear we have lost the ability to empathise with future generations.

In the form of an immersive art installation, Plastisphere explores this fractured empathy by giving a voice to future generations. Through the combination of music, film, dialogue and sculpture, audiences are confronted with a distorted message from the future and a desolate nostalgia felt for a world promised.

Ghostly projections will animate structures formed from the detritus of our environment, distorted music made from voices will envelop the space, and future generations will push their warnings through the cracks. Participants will be encouraged to explore the space at their own leisure, create their own journey, and take what they will.

Created by Laura Collins (Theatre-maker), Louis Stevens (Composer), Conor Jamieson (Film-Maker), and guest climate researchers, Plastisphere sits at the intersection of art and science. The work will be displayed in the Coburg Library, and constructed using recycled materials provided by the local community.

“We are the seeds you will plant in plastic
We are your stagnant future”

Nick Clark, Maya Dharwadkar, Cheryl Ho, Amy Jamieson, Ashyr Mason-Kaine and Declan Mulcahy

Alex Borowiak and Kim Reid

Warning: Contains sustained loud noises, potentially triggering content or themes, including Death