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Pushing The Limits [Melbourne]

Pushing The Limits  [Melbourne]

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Monday September 24, 2018 - 9:00 AM


Artplay Birrarung Marr
Behind Federation Square
Melbourne, Vic 3000



Wendy Bailey & Lyn Gordon

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About the Show

Bust open your practice – invite kids in.

In this free workshop, internationally renowned theatre practitioner Sibylle Peters invites you to push your practice to the limits, guiding you through the process of creating extraordinary experimental work for children using Live Art principles as a toolbox for creation. Whatever you do, however you make, whoever your audience, Sibylle will help you consider how it might work for the youngest among us.

Fresh off the launch of her dynamic public activation and interactive performance game Truth or Dare, Sybille’s work is, at its heart, about intergenerational exchange – in all its joy, danger and risk. Visiting Melbourne for a two-week residency as part of Fringe, Sybille is the founder of Hamburg’s Theatre of Research, where children, artists and scientists meet to explore and change the world – together. If you want to go next level with your practice, be guided by a giant in the field AND do it all for free, join us for what promises to be an enlightening, joyous and very childish affair. This event is supported by Goethe Institut.