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Return to The Dirt [Brisbane]

Return to The Dirt [Brisbane]

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Monday October 25, 2021 - 6:30 PM


Bille Brown Studio, Queensland Theatre Company
78 Montague Road
South Brisbane, 4101



Susan Emerson & Mike Webb

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About the Show

In a year spent tending to the dead, a young man learns to live.

Steve never imagined he’d end up working in the funeral industry. But when he finds himself living back home in Toowoomba to save up for his wedding, it’s the only job he can get.

The year he spends working among the dead opens his eyes to what awaits us at the end and what it means to live.

With respect, wit and a nod to pop culture, Steve takes us on a journey that celebrates finding your place in the world, the power of personal redemption and humility in the face of the big questions.

Return to the Dirt is a refreshing, honest and surprisingly uplifting invitation to start the conversations we all try to avoid.

Winner of the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2020–21