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Tao of Glass (Perth Festival) [Perth]

Tao of Glass (Perth Festival) [Perth]

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Thursday February 20, 2020 - 7:00 PM


Heath Ledger Theatre
174 William St
Perth, Western Australia 6000



Christy Filipich & Linda Beales

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About the Show

‘Marvellously entertaining and deeply touching.’

A Perth Festival Commission

Phelim McDermott is a master storyteller – a theatrical alchemist and spinner of yarns who has summoned this astonishingly original show about making a show.

Composer Philip Glass and performer-director and Improbable founder Phelim McDermott have worked together on acclaimed opera productions around the world. Now they have joined forces for their most personal collaboration yet.

Tao of Glass takes ten brand-new pieces by Philip Glass and marries them to ten meditations on life, death and Taoist wisdom performed by McDermott with an ensemble of musicians and puppeteers. The result is a warm, fun and utterly compelling fusion of music, theatre, puppetry and philosophical musing held together by a highly-personal monologue about the nature of creativity, memory and personal identity.

Part-concert, part-performance, Tao of Glass is a storytelling tapestry, soundtracked by Glass’s mesmerising music and infused with Improbable’s trademark theatricality.