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The SnortCast Variety Show (Diana Nguhyen) [Online]

The SnortCast Variety Show (Diana Nguhyen) [Online]
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Tuesday November 24, 2020 - 1:00 PM



Mark Sandon

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About the Show

Welcome to The SnortCAST Variety Show. Celebrating all kinds of diverse artists and comedy including stand up, clowning and cabaret. Always keeping it snorting real of what Australian comedy should look like.

The SnortCast LineUp!
Shiralee Hood (StandUp)
The Two Donnies (Clowning)
Annie Louey (StandUp)
Alice Tovey (Cabaret)
Samuel Gebreselassie (StandUp) and
Kwamena Brace (Disk Jockey)

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The SnortCast Variety Show is Created and Hosted by Diana Nguyen, who is an actor, comedian and she is #ChasingKeanuReeves (MICF2021).

This show is part of a weekly live streaming interview show called The SnortCast, interviewing funny people from all around the world about why they do comedy (check it out at:

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe through the Cash for Creatives program.

Warning: Contains moderate coarse language, potentially triggering content or themes, including COVID-19/Coronavirus