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The Wheeler Centre Gala 2019: Crush [Melbourne]

The Wheeler Centre Gala 2019: Crush [Melbourne]

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Thursday February 28, 2019 - 7:00 PM


Athenaeum Theatre
188 Collins Street



Linda D'Ornay & Kirri Dangerfield

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About the Show

Awkward. Sweaty. Flushed. Euphoric. Crushes are like mini-Great Loves. They compel us to daggy earnestness while inspiring unusual boldness, even grandiosity. How much of our best writing, art and music do we owe to crushes, and the intensity they lend to our days and nights? And, actually, how much of our worst?

For our 2019 Gala Night of Storytelling, we’ve invited ten of our favourite writers and thinkers to dish about their fictional crush. It may be a character of page, stage, screen or stereo – or some life-changing, out-of-reach hero of the real world.

Join us for a testament to the rush of fandom, infatuation and unabashed adoration, as our speakers moon, swoon, spill and thrill. You never know: you might end the night, and the summer, with a crush of your own.