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Have You Tried Yoga? [Adelaide]

Have You Tried Yoga? [Adelaide]

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Thursday March 8, 2018 - 7:30 PM


Mill Gallery at The Mill
154 Angas Street
Adelaide, SA 5000



Pip Cody

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

A reflection on our obsession to ‘heal’ what cannot be cured; manage what is none of our business and ignore what makes us uncomfortable.

Real, raw stories from the disabled/chronically ill community and plenty of suppressed anger. Exploring what it means to be disabled when surrounded by echoing platitudes, empty gestures and wannabe heroes.

“A compelling show that strikes hard at the communal heart: it is a performance which even may begin a new chapter in social policy…Rachel successfully turns insight and real life experience into provocative theatre” – Weekend Notes Melbourne

“Entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and socially significant…you will laugh, groan, and cry – often all in the same breath” – What Did She Think

“Illuminating and engaging” – The Blurb NOTE: The only Auslan Interpreted performance is March 8th

Important information:
Mental health and suicide mentioned

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