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Window Shopping (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

Window Shopping (Melbourne Fringe) [Melbourne]

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Saturday September 22, 2018 - 3:00 PM


Vincent Care (Out the front of)
175 Glenroy Rd
Glenroy, VIC 3046



Wendy Bailey

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Out of the white cube gallery space and into Glenroy…

Stroll along Wheatsheaf road and peer into shop windows, to encounter where boundaries are blurred between public and private space. See where artworks are integrated within various venues along this shopping strip.

A shop front window is an inaccessible space; boarded off to the public. However, it alludes us to look deeper in, inviting us further inside.

This exhibition addresses the streetscape as social; drawing attention to how public space, private business and spaces we are invited into, are understood and navigated.

Agnes Whalan at Glenroy Spots and Trophies
Fern Smith at Glenroy Foot Clinic
Melody Greatorex at Hairology
Free Theatre & Zheng Chin at Max’s Hair Salon
Kiron Robinson at Wheatsheaf Road
En En See at Market of Hassoon,
Aaron Hoffman, Teresa Hsieh, Noah Spivak, Kelly Yoon in Empty shop front curated by Yumemi Hiraki

OFFICE will give a public lecture focusing on the street as a public space, questioning its role and value in our rapidly changing society. The street is integral to the democratic operation of our cities. It is the place of demonstrations and revolutions, of inclusion and exclusion, of cultural expression and of capital flow. The street is a deeply heterogeneous public space.