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Worktable – FOLA (Festival of Live Art) [Melbourne]

Worktable - FOLA (Festival of Live Art)  [Melbourne]

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Friday March 16, 2018 - 4:00 PM


Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne, VIC 3051



Susan Emerson & Benji Hoopman

Language/ Cultural Consultant:


About the Show

Active, meditative, creative or destructive, Worktable is a live installation with you at the centre. Over several days, Worktable unfolds in a series of rooms. Enter alone and stay as long as you like. Once inside you’ll find instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work. It’s up to you to decide how things come apart, and how they hang together.

New-Zealand-born and Brussels based Kate McIntosh (All Ears) is guided by her ongoing fascinations with the misuse of objects, playfulness with audiences and offbeat humour. Worktable is no exception. We provide the hammer – you do the rest. Sign in and get to work!

AUSLAN INTERPRETERS WILL BE ONSITE between 4pm – 10pm across these events listed below……see more detail on each of the events in the VIC Upcoming Shows

Friday 16 March Rest Area 4pm – 10pm
Twerkshop 6pm – 8pm
Wowzzzeee 4pm – 8pm
Worktable 4pm – 8pm