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Anthem (Perth Festival) [Perth]

Anthem (Perth Festival) [Perth]

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Thursday February 13, 2020 - 7:00 PM


Heath Ledger Theatre
174 William St
Perth, Western Australia 6000



Danielle Pritchard & Paula Norman

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About the Show


A Perth Festival Commission

The long-awaited follow-up to one of Australian theatre’s most acclaimed collaborations asks a bold question: does Australia share a dream and do we really sing with one voice?

Twenty-one years ago four playwrights and a composer came together to create Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?, a series of powerful interwoven vignettes that captured the zeitgeist of Australia in the 1990s. Now the same team reunites to take the pulse of our nation today in Anthem.

What emerges is a funny and ferocious portrait of a country unable to reconcile its past, uncertain of its future and political vision. The colliding voices that make up this anthem might not always be in harmony, but they cannot be silenced.

Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? was an ode to tiny struggles writ large; Anthemturns up the volume on the everyday injustices we choose not to hear. Susie Dee directs an extraordinary ensemble of performers and musicians to give voice to this work.