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Laser Beak Man [Brisbane]

Laser Beak Man [Brisbane]

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Thursday October 3, 2019 - 11:00 AM


QPAC / Playhouse
Melbourne St
Brisbane, Queensland 4101


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Maggie Ratcliff & Mike Webb

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About the Show

Nominated for four Helpmann Awards (2018), Laser Beak Man by David Morton, Nicholas Paine and Tim Sharp with music by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), is based on the distinctive work of visual artist Tim Sharp.

Power City was once the most beautiful city in the world – clean, pure, perfect – and local hero Laser Beak Man worked hard to keep it that way. Drawing energy from the underground Magna Crystals that power the city, his beak-shot lasers turn bad things to good. But now the city isn’t what it used to be, and Laser Beak Man is thoroughly over it. That is until his estranged childhood friends Peter Bartman and Evil Emily return to steal the Magna Crystals. Robbed of his super powers, Laser Beak Man has one last chance to reinvent Power City and save his oldest buddies before they destroy everything.

Jampacked with Tim Sharp’s trademark visual puns and featuring live music composed and performed by Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music, the world of Laser Beak Man is brought to life in puppet form by the creative geniuses of Dead Puppet Society (The Wider Earth, Argus, The Harbinger) in this stunning visual theatre work loaded with cutting edge digital imagery and spectacular free-flying AirOrbs.

A Dead Puppet Society, La Boite and Brisbane Festival production in association with PowerArts.





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