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Mouthpiece [Brisbane]

Mouthpiece [Brisbane]

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Monday November 9, 2020 - 6:30 PM


The Playhouse, QPAC
Corner of Melbourne and Grey Streets
South Bank, QLD



Mike Webb & Sarah Bennett

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About the Show

“Mouthpiece will challenge you, surprise you, and send you out into the night with so many things to talk to your friends about.”
Lee Lewis, Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre

By Kieran Hurley
Directed by Lee Lewis



A cliff. Night. A woman stands on the edge. Her dreams crumble around her. But this ledge belongs to Declan. It is his only safe space. She’s trespassing. They should never have met.

Mouthpiece – the premise seems simple: Libby (Christen O’Leary), a middle-aged, middle-class playwright has not picked up a pen in years and, rejected by the artistic establishment, spends her time brooding around town. Declan (Jayden Popik) is a 17-year-old struggling with a volatile home life in a deprived housing estate, but in possession of a remarkable artistic talent.

When Libby’s despair drives her to a literal cliff edge, their lives collide.

Libby is a woman who has wasted her opportunities, while Declan is a young man who will never be offered any. He has a story, and she has the voice to tell it… but does she have the right to? When does inspiration become theft?