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White Pearl [Brisbane]

White Pearl [Brisbane]

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Monday June 28, 2021 - 6:30 PM


Bille Brown Studio, Queensland Theatre Company
78 Montague Road
South Brisbane, 4101



Sarah Bennett & Steve Waddell

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About the Show

In the boardroom of Clearday cosmetics, beauty is only (white) skin deep.

In Singapore, it’s just another day at the office of Clearday cosmetics. That is, until they discover that their new TV commercial has been leaked online. The video goes viral for all the wrong reasons. Someone is definitely going to get fired.

Can the high-flying team at Clearday rise above their personal squabbles to save the company?

As they scramble to contain the fallout before the American market wakes up, the open- plan, glass-door office proves to be a nest of secrets, lies and resentments.

Anchuli Felicia King’s new play is a ruthlessly entertaining portrait of toxic corporate culture, casual racism and the complexity of pan- Asian relations.